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Family Tables and Drawing BOM's

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I'm sure this has been talked about a million times - my apologies for failing to find it via Search here and having

to ask again.

I have a family table screw - generic and four instances - and each instance is a different length. I want the instance length to show up on a drawing BOM via the Title value assigned to this user defined attibute in Intralink.

I know I have to change this value in Pro/E and when I do, all the other instances and the generic change to this value as well when I go back and look at the Workspace.

Can I get the length portion of the user-defined Title attribute to be different for each instance (don't really care about the generic)?

If so, how do I do this?


Brad Hacker

Zebra Technologies


New member
Add the Title parameter to the family table and change it there. Then you will get a different value for each instance.
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