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Family Table


New member
Are there any tricks to fixing family table relations? I have a few parts in an assembly that won't regenerate correctly when I change from the generic to a different assembly instance. When i have the part open by itself, all instances open just fine, but when they are in the assembly they don't work. Any ideas?


Some questions to make sure I understand you correctly...

When you say family table relations, you don't mean relations in the sense of mathematical expressions that relate one dimension or parameter to another, correct?

By changing from the generic to a different assembly instance, do you mean you're replacing (i.e., Component > Adv Utils > Replace)?

When you say you have the part open by itself, you mean you have the generic open, correct?

Was the generic created with any external references to the assembly or other components in the assembly?

thanks for the quick reply.

1. no i do not mean mathematical expressions. tools>family tables>add/delete the table columns is what i used to create these relations.

2. not replacing, i mean going into tools>family table then clicking on a different instance of the assembly, then open.

3. yes, i have the generic open.

4. no, the generic was not created with any external references to the assembly or other components.

Thanks again

In my experience, when a family table assembly can not replace a family table part it is for one of 2 reasons:

1) You spelled the part instance name incorrectly in the assembly family table. This is pretty easy to do but is something that Pro/E should be able to do automatically for us!

2) An assembly reference is missing in the part or assembly instance.
What is the nature of the regeneration failure? What exactly is failing, the assembly or the part instances? What do you do that causes the failure? Are you opening part instances separately, or are you trying to assemble instances as components, or what?

I still don't understand what exactly you mean by when they are in the assembly they don't work. Sounds like maybe there are features in the part instances that are turned off, and those features contain geometric entities used as assembly references.
i have this same problem now.

when i change to a new family_table item the rest of the assembly geometry isnt updating with it.

how would i write my equations in the asssembly to be able to drive geometry on any of the family table instances.


assembly1 has part a (3 different isntances)

when i alternate between parta instances i need to relations in the assembly1 to update. which it isnt

i tried

change_something = lenght:cid_2

part id maybe? how do i do that?