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Family table


New member

i have one question.

It is posible that we have in family table difrent size of column.

That we have firs column 10, second 20, third 15.

The problem that i have is that i have in first column only 3 symbol in the second i have 15 symbol in third 3 and so on.

Thanks for answer
To be able to change size of column individually, you have to use 'Simple' repeat region.

If you use 'Two-D' repeat region, all columns will have same size.

Yes i now that but is any way to import a excel tabel in drawing.

And that tabel for example updade every time when i clik regenerate.
It is not possible to change the column size in a family table. You can dynamically change the columns while you are in the family table, but as soon as you exit out of the family table, Pro will update the columns to the appropriate size. A drawing table is possible to modify column width, even with an Excel document. Insert>Object(select Excel Doc. you want to put in drawing). Modify columns before you insert into drawing.


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