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family table parameters


New member
hi all

I am using family table to suppress and resume some features in diffrent instances by simply doing yes or no to them.Its not fake parameter as i am using the same features in family table Then I want to show this thing in drawing by using repeat region showing it in drawing .Its shows table very nice for rest all things but for the above features instead of showing Y or N in table it shows me 1 or 0 .I dont know why this is happening . I delet table and creat again still it gives me same results.Is there something is wrong in making family table or is something with proe table in drawing mode ?

There's a option that controls whether you get Y/N or 0/1. Can't recall the name off the top of my head (not in front of Pro E right now), but I think it's yes_no_something where _something is the part I can't remember. Look it up alphabetically or do a search on 'yes' and you should find it.


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