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Family Table issues


New member
Where I work, we do not use Family tables, apparently Pro/INTRALINK does not work well with them??? That's what I've been told anyways. Has anyone had any issues with Family Tables & Intralink? Or isn't there any real issues. I worked with them a little bit back in college, and I've messed around with them a little bit on my own projects. But never in Intralink. If anyone has any thoughts/info/advice/etc, please let me know. Thanks!

We use family table with Intralink all the time and we don't have any issues.

You just need to make sure that instances are verified everytime you modify the family table.
We use some family tables - for library parts, etc... As above - make sure you verify before saving the generic.

Also - Lock the generic before checking it out to change it: There are often problems when people have different versions of a family table and add/delete instances. They're faced with error messages when they try to check in again.

Make use of the include instances option when checking out a family table to modify it.

Most of the problems come from the way Intralink represents each instance as a seperate object. Without Intralink, they would all be included in the generic file...
What do you mean verify the generic & instances? What does the include instances option do?

Verify: In family table menu there is a function called Verify and it MUST be used everytime you make a change.

This function will regenerate every instances to make sure model is good and it gets the information ready for Intralink.

Include instances: When you checkout family table part from Intralink, you have a option to 'include instances' like prdtro said it is recommended to do so.

If you don't check out instances, you won't be able to do anything (replce a instance with another instance or make any change to that part).


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