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Family Table Instances


New member
I have instances in the family table that when I go to open that instance in the open dialog box it is not listed. I have to open the generic first and then select the instance I want to open. Is there a setting some where that will automatically find the instance I am wanting to open? I am using 2001 release.

Thank you

Dan Cook

Dixon Industries Inc

[email protected]


New member

My config.pro already has menu_show_instances set to yes. The save_instance_accelerator is set to "none". Does that make a difference


I think your index file(s) are out of date. Pro/E uses a file named directory_name.idx to same all the instance names. Did you move generic parts from one directory to another? If so, their instances are not in the index file. Once you save the generics again the instances should be added to the index file.

Saving instance accelerator files speeds up retrieval but also uses up a lot of disk space. I never use them.


New member
To add to what the Dr mentioned and assuming you are using a MS Windows OS; if the working directory name has a <SPACE> in it, pro/e will not create the idx file required.If this is the case, blow everything pulled from the working directory out of session and goto the windows environment to rename your working directory folder....use a _ rather than a <space>.



New member
Thank you all for your help. I was gone friday and just now read your posts they were very helpful.