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Family Table Instance to Generic, Maintain Drawing


New member
I have a situation where two drawings were created from the same Generic/Instance. We need to break these down into Drawing/Generic and Drawing/Generic, not the instance as the main view on the second drawing. I know I can take the main drawing, do a file save copy, get rid of the family table, rename the part and drawing and adjust the dimensions. Does anyone know of a way to have the Instance become the generic and maintain the drawing other than the above scenario?
Depends on what version you use, set the instance as a generic.

In 2001, open family table, select instance > edit > copy instance to generic.

This will set the generic to match the instance.

Then go to the 2nd drawing and replace the model with generic.

Views > Dwg Models > Replace > Select the instance to be replaced by generic.


New member
Thanks Charleskim. There was one item which was strange. I tried the procedure on 2 drawings/parts and when I chose to Copy the Instance to the Generic, I lost information from my family table both times. I am sure this is a bug. The drawing that was important lost the flat pattern which was easily replaced. If there are features set to N in the table, they will disappear from the table. Set all the cells to Y if you want them to remain in the family table. I just noticed my relationships were all messed up also. Seems like File>Backup or File>Save As might be the cleanest solution.


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