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Failed Sketches


New member
Is there a quick visual way to determine why a sketch fails. The command lines states intersecting entities or open sections etc.

The process I have been using is to visually inspect every little detail in the sketch because there is no apparent feedback from the system where the error occurs.

Is there a Config option to color code the errors so you get a visual clue as to what to fix?

I'm using WF V1.

Thanks for Reading and Replying


New member
The best I can offer is to take the trim tool and re-trim your corners, and because at least here PTC added an undo function, is to delete the entities one by one to see where there really start and stop, most likely you have coincidental lines on top of each other , like 5 side on a rectangle or pratial arcs on a circle or arc etc. and then UNDO to bring it back if its ok

Plan B is to scape the whole thing and recreate it, since most of the work was how to form the geometry, it should be more graceful and cleaner the second time


Active member
May be this is not the right answer but may be a good advice.

Keep the sketch as simple as possible, and don't make the sketch heavier. For example add holes and rounds after the sketch is protruded or revolved etc.

Another solution to your problem is save the sketch and exit the sketcher. Now re-activate sketcher and import your saved sketch through data from file under sketch menu.

If its ok this time, then your earlier sketch that went to resolve mode had the problem of coincidental lines.