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Extrude problem


New member
I gust got intoa strangeproblem,

See the pic.attached. The long thin part extruded (solid)top-down(on the right) through the Bowl-like part is ok. I want to make the same thing symmetrically on the left but...the extrusion does not go through (the upper portion is missing) or better it doesn't start from the same plane as the other one. It seems like ProE makes a "solidify" by itselftrimming the upper portion.I tried:

-Mirror to the longitudinal plane-re make the sketch,

-extrude with the SAME sketching plane

-re make the sketch, extrude withANOTHER sketching plane

-make the sketchin the lower part and extrude Upwards.

no way, the solid ends (or starts) at the same position with no upper part done.



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New member
Not sure what might be going on. Have you tried
shutting down and restarting Pro/E. I've seen it
get confused and display irrational behavior a few

If there's something goofy about the geometry it
will take seeing the native model to make any
determinations (and I know that's out for that part).

Might try making a termination plane and using From / To.

Might try creating the extrusion as a surface feature
(Capped Ends) and then Solidifying.


New member

Thanks, but no way. It works with the surfaces (with capped ends) but when I try to solidify....that part goes away and only yhe "opposite" side get solid! I'm getting crazyabout that!


New member
Jeff I Got it!

I just put the feature upper in the model tree and now it works..... I don't know what happened though!


New member
Super deal. Stuff like that can be really
frustrating. It's a very complex system
and we don't know all the "rules" which
govern it. Sometimes there's a logical,
though not readily apparent, answer and
sometimes it's ... well,
Stuff Happens.

If you have the time and interest; it might
be illuminating to drag the feature down the
model tree until it fails again. There might
be some interaction that will become apparent.


New member
Yes, That's what I just did.

The intersection of the thin part is with a thickened surface. either I reduce the thikened surface from 2.85 to 2.75 mm or move the sketch of the extrusion a bit...then it works...The Investigate mode says there are self-intersecting and "inverted"surfaces when it fails (??) don't know how to fix it...any idea?


New member
View attachment 1137

I'd look for a condition like shown.
If it's simple enough Pro/E will simply
trim and discard when it does the offsets
but if it's a little complicated it won't
know how to deal with it (imagine that
shape extruded and drafted so there's a
taper and the offset causes one end to

(I'd look particularly at some of the detail
around the rectangular window.)

I think the usual (?) fix is to offset, excluding
suraces as necessary and manually build transitions.
You might also investigate Fit Options.
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