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Extreme engineering


New member
Speling -

You're right - this is a great show for insight into the big public works projects. Another good one is Modern Marvels on the History Channel.

With so much garbage on TV, its good to see some prgramming that highlights engineering.

A great technology program that I used to watch in college was Beyond 2000. Not sure what happened to it, but I think its on in Britain. Anybody seen it lately?

Nose Bleed

New member
Personally I think extreme engineering envolves the design of nuclear products - especially in the form of propulsion.

However - all engineers are extreme - rightly so... $thousands worth of education ain't for nuthin... WE RULE THE WORLD!!

Okay - except for managers..............


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Transatlantic Tunnel

So, if you could take the train from New York and in less than an hour reach London, would you do it? What if you had to make the journey through a tunnel 150 feet under the Atlantic? And on a magnetically levitated train travelling at 5,000 mph?

About underwater tunnel New York - London

I have information that military industries has


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Those words mean that maybe I am right. Am I?

EXTREMEly unlikely, the speed of sound in sea water is 3421 mph - do the math.

Like I said, don't believe everything you hear - or read - writers have been known to exaggerate, misquote, mis-state, mislead, fabricate or just plain lie.