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Extracting Dimensions and Tolerances


New member

Is anyone aware of a way to extract all the dimensions and tolerances from a model or at least the dimensions and tolerances that are shown on a drawing?

It would seem to me that a Toolkit application would be required to do this, if it could be done.


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Tecnologies Corp.


New member
Yes - a toolkit application is required to extract this kind of thing.

The p-Shell API can do this in no time. to get all the of the dimensions you just need to query them in each model.

foreach dimObj [ps_dim model] {

puts Dim: [$dimObj cget -symbol] - Value: [$dimObj cget -value]


A few more lines of code and you can determine if they are shown on a drawing and even send them directly to MS-Excel. ;)




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