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External simplified representation


New member
Does someone has ever tried the new functionnality of proE Wildfire which is the external simplified representation ?

I'm trying to use it on a very big assembly file, on which I have ever simplified reps, but proE crashes sometimes, even if the asm is in rep. mode.

I thought ext. rep. simp. would help, but I have now a problem : on my assembly, the creation of the ext. rep. simp. is successful, but it doesn'tmanage to save it on disk.

Does anybody have some experience on this feature, and does it make the work easier on great assemblies, and finallydid anybody experience this kind of problem ?

Thanks for answer.

Sorry for English. French guy

Xavier LEGER


New member
First for better translating from yours language to English so you can post it here download Ie Spell (its a small plugging for Internet Explorer that will check your English and translate it right)

For that external simp rep, I didn't use it yet, but I use a lot simp rep because I work with large Assembly. From my experience WF got problems with large asm and simp rep creation, for example when I created simp rep by rule, and save it, when I open this simp rep WF opens it master rep and only when I hit regenerate then he regenerate whole asm and only then he exclude components by rule.
Also you might try to exclude all your internal parts so only external parts would be visible.
Hope it helps
Edited by: Isair


New member
Thanks for the Ie Spell tip.

Did the problem you describe occurred on v2001 ? I've never had this problem, because I don't use rules in my simp. rep. I think. My rep. simp. work fine, but when I'm working on my large assembly, even in simp. rep. (with only the parts and sub assemblies I need in session), it crashes sometimes.

So I thought it might help, to work with an other asm (that's what is created by the external simplified representation), lighter than the original.

The other interesting thing in ext. simp. rep. is that in Intralink, you can retrieve from the common space only the part and sub assemblies you need, if you select the ext. simp. rep. before retrieval. No more WS with about 8000 objects with this solution.

No other guy with experience of it ?

Xavier LEGER


New member
I don't know of 2001, and I don't use intralnik so I didn't have chance to experience this problems in those version, and intralink.
But in WF2 I experience problem that when you have asm which contain large number of single part, lets say over then 40 000, (as well as other parts), and you try to create drawing of this asm, and you also want to have in this drawing bill of materials then WF crashed (only when number of single part is bigger then 40 000). And even I created simp rep of this asm and excluded this part which number is big, again the same thing happened.
So I suppose that whole thing with simp rep is kind a buggy.

About your crash did you try this config pro options:
lods_value 5
lods_enabled yes
fasthlr yes
display_silhouette_edges no
retain_display_memory yes
frames_per_sec_value 2
frames_per_sec yes

This options will reduce display quality but then you will be able to easy manipulate your asm, and reduce hardware usage (about 10-15%)