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External Pressure settings




I'm attempting to run an external pressure test on something similar to a paint can... I've already run calculations on paper to get a base line of what I should see with Pro/M.

So far, the quick check has been running for 4 hours on a 3GHz processor with 1GB RAM

My constraints are set as follows:

Translation- x and y are free with Z fixed.

Rotational - x and y are free with Z fixed.

Model is 3D

Load is 14.7 psi on all exterior surfaces - lid removed - edge of lid sealing surface is fixed

Any ideas why this should be taking so long??


Seems like Pro/E froze. This shouldn't take but a few minutes I suppose. Are you running a Multi-Pass or a Single Pass Adaptive? What is your convergence percentage? Try running Single-Pass with convergence of 5%.


New member
Are you running solids or shell? Remember rotational DOF for solid don't matter.

You should consider buckling as well


New member
Have you ried opening the Log window while solving - this should at least give you an idea of whether Pro/M is still doing anything, or has stopped - and also where it got up to, and possibly why it stopped?


New member
9 times out of 10 when Mechanica seems to freeze up it is during the meshing period. Possible solutions are to slightly modify the geometry or to change the AGEM settings. Next time try taking the model into independent Mechanica and attempt to mesh the model. Independent Mechanica provides a lot more information during the meshing period.


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