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EXTCOPYGEOM - Should you use it?


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What do you think? Have you had much experience using EXTCOPYGEOM? Has it worked well for you? It seems we are having a lot of assemblies that used it lose their references when we open them back up. My last job (GE) forbid using it. What is your companies stand?

Hello user

I believe that if pro/e always knows where to take extcopgeom you should not have a problem (talking about dependent extcopygeom).

If you are working in topical network be careful to the stability of your network. The moments that the network is instable or full-loaded maybe pro/e cannot find the extcopygeom and
if i remember well at Caterpillar, it is forbidden to even if they use intralink, iman or pdm.

and personally i do not recomend to use it
I agree with jr. It is generally not a good practice to use references from other models. ie: Creating features in assemblies using other components, etc... The only time I use other parts for reference is when I have a cast part that needs machined. Then I would create a machined part and do an insert>data sharing>merge from other model and grab the cast part and make my machined cuts.
We use it only as independent for creating skeleton part for routing of ProCable.

Only thing that we have to be careful of is to manually notice what surfaces got changed.
Well, you bring up a good discussion topic. I work for engineers that use alot of top down design and prefer using it for his own functionality. You really cant argue with their methods, it works well for them and saves them time.

Two thoughts:

learn to live with created dimensions (cringe)

teach patterns and pattern table functunality

if you dont want someone to do it, couldnt that be written in the .sup file ? rather than leaving it to the user to allow out of scope?

The pain I have is , if just redefining the mounting holes (main ECG canidate) you must specify primary surface in order for the hole. You cannot go in and redefine just the two linear or axis references, which allows you to see the correct measurements to your selected references. You must select a primary surface for regeneration which makes you loose your correct hole placement.

Good Post, you win a Phatt Award
We working with castings parts like ESERV said, first we gerated a casting part after we machined it. So constantly we are using INSERT>DATA SHARING>MERGE


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