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exporting result window as jpeg


New member
When I export a result window as jpeg, it leaves blank space around the picture. Is there a way around this other than cropping it in a pic editing program? Some setting I'm missing?


New member
Think what you're seeing is actually walls 1 & 3, the ceiling and floor.

Try moving these out...


New member
You create image file>save as>picture.jpeg or you try to see an rendered image?

Have you multiple quilts in layers?



New member
Its when I'm looking at the results window from a integrated Mechanica analysis I use File->export->Image->jpeg, and it crops part of the image off and adds white space to two sides of it. I'm not using the renderer so it shouldn't show the walls, I think, especially since I'm in a Mechanica Results Window


New member
I don't think that the Mechanica Results Window should give rise to that kindda problem. What is your system configuration? A friend of mine had somewhat a similar problem and after weeks of pulling our hair out the problem was traced back to his graphics card!! Sounds weird, right?


New member
I have a nVidia G4 graphics card, which I heard was pretty good. I have tons of memory and a fast CPU. What kind of graphics card did your friend have? Did he replace it to fix it or was there a setting he changed? Thanks.


New member
I 2 had the problem with the jpeg export. not sure how to fix that.

but if it would help, export as an html, enlarge the size of the pic through the dialog that appears (10x 12 for example).

you should have an html page with a huge picture.

you then can take the picture and right click on it to save another jpeg.

this is actually a jpeg inside of a web page.

also, secondly

when you choose to export html, a jpeg is automatically generated and placed in the output folder.

both ways give you a full result window .


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