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Exporting All Revs and Vers from a Commonspace Folder

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Is it possible to export an entire Commonspace folder (i.e., all revs and version of all items) to one folder location on a network drive outside of Commonspace?

Of course, I'm assuming that the most basic P/C relationships would come through unscathed - each rev and version of a drawing knows exactly the rev and version of the model(s) it needs and each rev and version of an assembly knows the rev and version of the parts it needs.

Does this functionality exist in Intralink or would some custom Oracle proramming be involved and if so, how intensive would it be?

Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.


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Just as swcalvert said. You would check the entire folder out to a workspace, export to disk all the files, and continue to move them wherever you want.

Then, if you want to make modifications to the parts somewhere else (i.e. - a different network drive), make your changes on that network, do an update on all your files in in the workspace, and then import (make sure you have required set) all the files into your workspace. Only the files that have changed will show up as being modified.

Not sure if that is what you where heading to, but FYI anyhow.


Assuming you really need every rev & ver of every object, then you'd need some special process to get them all out. Simply checking out the objects and exporting them would work for any given PIV, but to get them all in one attempt using the client would be impossible.

One thing to investigate might be to copy the objects directly from the fileserver (hashed names and all) and then write a script to go in a rename each hashed name to the correct name by using the objects report as an 'interpreter'. You'd need to keep track of revs & vers while doing this and name the files with appropriate 'dot-revs' such that the newer files have larger 'dot-revs' than the older files.

Not sure what value having all of these outside of Intralink in a single folder might be, but who knows...

>> ...each rev and version of a drawing knows exactly the rev

>> and version of the model(s) it needs and each rev and

>>version of an assembly knows the rev and version of the parts it needs...

Not possible without a Data Management system. A Pro/E drawing will always try to pull up the latest 'dot-rev' of the object that it can find. Once the data is outside of Intralink, Pro/E will have no knowledge of revisions and versions.

-Brian Adkins


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Brian is right. Outside of Pro/INTRALINK, each assembly and drawing will pull the latest itteration of the necessary files. Essentially when you export you lose all history. That includes baselines.

Where are you going with these files? If it is just to folder(s) on the hard drive then prepare to scrap your design history. It is nearly impossible to manage revisions and versions using a folder structure.

If you are switching to another PDM system, there may be a better way.
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