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export DRW to PDF

Indeed if you print to a postscript file from Pro/E the extension will be .plt, unless you modify the .pcf file so it writes the right extension. But even so, in Distiller when you try to open the file, select All files (to be shown), not only *.ps or *eps, and you'll have no problems.

Try this. It installs a 'printer' on your machine called PDF995. You print to this, and it prompts you for a filename. It then prints your document / drawing / whatever to this file which is a pdf. It has some annoying advertising feature which make the internet open everytime you use it, but it's free, so who cares!
Use PDF writer with the Acrobate Distiller. PDF writer alone will not generate good file

File>Print>, change the device to PDF Distiller
Hey Proed, I know this topic has just about been hammered beyond regognition, but does this same procedure apply for windows XP???

We have been looking for a way to do this for a while but we just switched to windows XP... are there any complications that I may neeed to address?

My email is [email protected] if you have a little time to discuss this. Thanks!

As instructed per the previous responses, I have only been able to export the print file as a .plt file. It does not seem to be exporting the file as a true PDF file.

Can the mapkey string simply be cut & pasted into the OS script area???


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