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Exploding imported Iges features


New member
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to explode imported iges features. I don't think so, but beleive it is a legittimate necessity. With this possibility you could use only the surfaces or curves that are necessary and cancel the others so as not to have unnecessary features in your final model.

I would appreciate some comments on thi topic, or maybe there is another way to resolve this problem.


I have done imports with various files types: .igs, .sat and others. I have not, in any of these cases, been able to explode the features or components from an assembly. When Pro imports an .igs file format, it is converted to one solid object and it doesn't know where to make the separations for exploding.

If any one has any other thoughtss, I'm open to suggestions.
Pro/E has limited editing capability with IGES - restricted to deleting entities and changing line weights/fonts.

It's been a while but you either redefine or modify the import..
Use shrinkwrap, (.prt)

First : part is not so havy than .igs

Second : Whan opening the part you can select the surfaces you don't need



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