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explode/ unexplode


Active member
I want to do the animation of exploding and unexploding in order to show how parts are assembled to make the assembly.

How can I do it?

Please help.

Thanks in advance

Creating animations is surprisingly easy in Pro Engineer, but you need the Animation package first. I can't remember if it's part of AAX, MDX, or it's own separate module, but I suspect the latter.

To create an animation, you define:

1. A Key Frame Sequence of snapshots (what you want your assembly to look like) at specified times in the animation.

2. Which saved views you want executed at specific times (where the camera is).

3. Events executed at specific times (e.g., motors, body locks).

The Animation package interpolates from each point on the Time Domain (I think that's what they call the thing at the bottom of the screen) to the next, and you can save your animation as an mpeg.

It helps if you know Mechanisms, too.

Dave Martin
Thank Dave Martin,

I did it with the very short hints in your reply with few tries.

My main problem was body lock/unlock, which I got.

Thank again.



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