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explode state disabled


New member
im trying to explode a asm but when I pick a part to move it I get a error

explode state has been disabled for this part

is there a solution for this

thanks Pmack


New member

Check to see if the Explode status is disabled for the part.

In 2001 click- Modify- Mod Expld- Expld Status. Then select the part to toggle the status.


New member
<H4>Pro/ENGINEERWildfire 2.0Assembly</H4>

Wildfire 2.0:View > Explode > Toggle Status
2001:Modify > Mod Expld > Expld Status

thanks proe_guru

that lead me in the right direction menu mapper did the rest


New member

If i might suggest, you always go toview manager wich is the camera icon. You will be able to create your own views with the orientation that will fit you needs, plus simpl. rep. ,etc. tried it's greate for presentation purposes.


New member
I use view manager I should stat that the view manager should be your only way of exploding and simp reps unless you want problems!

But that's not what my post was about