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expert framework


New member
pro/e have a new module...that module is expert framework...did any abody have that module for learning?
Our company is looking into getting a couple seats of it, but none of us have had a chance to use it. As far as i know, there is no trial version available, mainly because of how customizable it. Your VAR would rather sell it to you then come in and help you set it up to your needs.

I can't wait to get a chance to start messing with it.

If you are looking for anyone that uses EFX, check out Germany. The original developers are based there and many companies there have been using it for a year or so. (Especially since it was released there first.)

Hope this helps...
We bought 3 seats here at Schlumberger. I've been using it for a few weeks. We use it for building the framework (skids) for large oilfield equipment.

EFX is awesome. If you work with structural steel, then EFX is, without a doubt, worth the investment. There is no more dealing with family tables for structural steel. You basically hang structural steel on of datum curves in a skeleton. Change the skeleton, it updates the structual steel. Once the steel is hung in place, it can easily be moved around by offsetting itself from the curve, but still remain parametric. It automatically handles intersections (i.e. miters, cut-outs, T-intersections, corners, etc.). Design time has been greatly reduced.

Contact your PTC rep for a demo. They came on-site and gave us a 1 hour demo. Although it's a fairly new module, it is on revision 3.0. 3.1 is due out soon. Motoman_313 is correct in that it developed by a German company, B&W. It started out as a Pro/Toolkit application. PTC bought it from them and package it as a module. B&W still continues to develop it.

No, this is not a PTC plug. I really think it is a great module.
Ok..thank everyone may be i will check out first with my demo that module.

We have just bought a seat of it and it has almost payed for it self on the first job another good job by PTC

if you go through your reseller you can get an eval licence which lasts one month but get your reseller to get the software cd's before he does the licence for you because the first licence we got we only got the software 1 week before the licence ran out

I am Stefan from B&W the company mentioned by Jason. If anybody has questions concerning EFX you can get in touch with me through this forum.


I tried to get in touch with you by E-mail but the mails always come back?? I can tell you where you can download EFX and also give you a trial license code if I have a chance to send you a mail.

Hi Peter,

does the text preko 350.000 kosov v sestavu under your picture mean 350.000 components?


Hi server is drop so i can't contact or email you...but I have another email [email protected] if you have information about download that module please send me to that email...