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New member
Hi all.

I am a CATIA application developer from India. If anybody want to give me suggestion or want some please mail me or reply...

I am working as
a Design Engineer(Product Development) in CATIA V5.I have interest in
CAD Software Development.So can anyone Please explain me what
are the knowledge requirements and the scope of this field.I have knowledge
in VB and C++.So is it enough to enter in this field.


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hi pauras

good to see you here. i'm doing my project on catia and i think need some development tools or programming to do my project. my project is about taking some external raw data and put it in DMU kinematic through some interface. that i like to use Matlab as it interface. can u mail me back at [email protected] and i'll tell u more abour my project...

hi to all catia user,

well friends, i am new catia user. i need some basic online tutorials regarding SURFACE.i have tried my hand on it, but not very fj\luent. so please provide me some basic free onl


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