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Excel text into CATIA?


New member
Hi guys,

I have been using CATIA throughout my university days, and now at my workplace.

I am constantly using the drafting module.

What I would like to do is link text from CATIA's text boxes which I use for the border.

I would like to type the text into a excel spreadsheet which then automatically update in CATIA with the correct statements.

Firstly, is this possible?

Secondly I think that CATScript knowledge is required.

Thirdly, would I need to know how to program using VB in order for me to do this kind of thing? If so to what level would I require my skills to reach. (what kind of things should i feel comfortable scripting in VB in order for me to be able to CATScript)

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1. you can link the excel spreadsheet to CATIA by using the Desgin Table feature (no programming skills or special license required for this)

2. you can link the titblock text directly to the spreadsheet-based parameters
Hi, I would also go with a design table as the simplest solution. If you need something more complex, you can use Excel VBA to connect to your CATIA session and update the texts you need. The experience needed in VB is not much but you will have to understand the language to connect to your CATIA session very well, these are a little bit more complex...

good luck!
Could you guys be a little more specific? I have been trying to do this for a long time and would really like to be able to do it. Could you use string Perameters in the drawing and have them show up in the text blocks? Can you bring in text from MS word, or just Excel?

ETA Got it all figured out, thanks :) Just added the design table to the drawing and created perameters from it. They go into the text boxes just beautifully :)

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