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Excel Interface Won’t load


New member
Hello all, I am working in NX 7.0 and in the past have had
no problem using the spreadsheet function. I loaded docx
viewer for excell 2003 to be able to view Office 2007
documents. Now when I go to tools -> Spreadsheet I get the
error message "Could not connect to the spreadsheet" or
"could not create a new worksheet".

Any ideas?




New member
Is Office 2007 new to your environment? On Pro/E I had issues with using Excel 2007 because of the file extension change from .xls to .xlsx. I would think that NX7 is new enough that Siemen's covered that, but they may not have.

Check the .xla (.xlax?) file in the NX loadpoint or a sub-folder. This is the interface file between NX and Excel.

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