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Ethernet Adaptor

Hanns 003

New member
I'm trying to get my laptop to run ProE.

I have purchased a USB Ethernet Adaptor hoping to plug this into my workstation and then unplug it and use it on my laptop for working at home.

I have the Mac Address of the Adaptor and everything works fine until l plug it into the laptop with no networking and ProE says there is no ethernet card?

It works fine with the laptop if the adaptor is plugged into the network.

Is it possible to run ProE this way?

Thanks for your help.

When a network connection is not sensed by your laptop, it gets turned off to save power...

2 options:

Option 1:

Turn off the Autosensing option:

Option 2:

Get a 'loopback' adapter ... just an RJ-45 (Ethernet) jack with some wires looped back onto itself

Do a Google search for Ethernet Loopback Plug:

Tried option 2 using a cross over cable and found when proE opened the error message:

The desired vendor daemon is down

could not find host ...etc.

Then it shuts down when you press OK.

I was hoping it was going to be a simple solution but computers always have a last twist to them!

I don't know to much about computers, but in the old day's we used terminator plugs when we had a free dongle.