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erasing unwanted lines in detailed view


New member

After creating the spline around my intended target for the detailed view, I had several unwanted edges & lines.

Anyone have a tip on erasing these?

I tried the Views/Disp Mode/Edge Disp/Erase Line string, then picked the areas in question, but they wouldn't erase.
First, are the lines and edges outside the detail boundary? If they are, I am afraid I can offer no help. If they are inside the bondary, modify the display mode of the detail, as independent, and choose no hidden and no display tangent.

I hope that this helps.
Hi guy, first check the detail view dependent from parent view, if yes first remove the dependency... view display>done>select Det Indep for independent.

then select the lines which ever you don't need.

and check for all lines are within the Detail Boundary.

I think this would be help.


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