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Equation to create a cam profile


New member
Ineed to create a cam profile curve,increasing from 0 deg to 90 degrees - 5 deg. then the reverses in opposite direction for some angles for the readius of 10.

Is it possible to write any equation to solve the problem?

(Now i have the short cut to sketch the curve)


where u type these messages there is a picture of a floppy disk. thats the upload file button. it has to be zip or rar


New member
Dear Ayyanar,

I believe you wish to design a plate cam. There is no definite equation to create a plate cam. The equation would depend on the type of motion required required to be given to the follower.Generally, Cycloidal profile is preferred for a cam which gives a sine acceleration to the follower. I am attaching a WF2 file. Though the equations are not defined, the curve is a look alike of regular cycloidal curve achieved thru splines. This would give you a general method to create the cam using graph.


I would love to get my hand on giving equations to the profile.

Is there any place where I can find the same?


New member
r = exp(constant*theta) yields a logrimithic spiral which has a constant angle of contant depending on your constant of spiral in the equation. I am designing a rock climbing cam and they often use a constant of .25. Seems like a normal cyclic cam would need the same constant angle of contact but I don't know.

This may not help at all but might be worth a shot