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Entering a Parameter on the Fly


New member
Since it is not possible, in the course of creating a feature, to enter a parameter on the fly? I would like to ask the PTC guys if it would be possible to add this to a future release. (See Modeling Forum).

Steve C


parameter on the fly ?

I think that this option would never be embedded in the future by PTC.

PTC has a bad expierience from


New member
I guess I'm just used to having it around in UG and thought Pro/E, being a high end CAD player, should have it too. I don't consider it an 'Advanced Feature', I consider it a great piece of the puzzle.

After having used Pro/E for a couple on months now, I love the 'Datums on the Fly' feature, it just seems to be a great way to hide some of the datums that you don't want to be seen. Wildfire is a little different concerning the datums, but the final outcome is the same.

Steve C


New member
adding parameter in fly is a nice thing that pro e needs even software like inventor gives a tabular place where param can be changed but changing a param in proe is too tedious

so it would be fine to have the param on the fly


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