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Engraved Russian Text in Panel


New member
hi whoever is out there,

i had a problem of trying to do "text engraving" in our control panels with Russian text. we have to provide in english like "start", "stop" but since this panel will be shipped to Russia, my boss request to have 2 languages engraved.

any idea how to do?


New member
Hi Yanie

If you my create extruded text on your parts, but first you must do this things:
set in config.pro this options pro_font_dir C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
then go create yours extruded text by selecting extrude, when in sketch use Create text as a part of section, set font to Arial (or whatever font that support your language settings) and type text. If does not support text typing from keyboard try using Character Map (in Windows Start, Programs, Accessories, System tools), there you can chose type of text character and simple copy it to Pro/E. After you finish typing extrude text to desired depth and thats it.

Hope it helps

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