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Engraved / Embossed Text


New member
Hi Paul,

Sorry for the remark about catia; I dont know how to model text in catia v5

I once had to 'work'with catia v4 and was left feeling that the whole software suite needed scrapping..... However v5 came along and DSystemes seems to have convincedlots of people to adopt it. Cant help remembering how slow it was to do anything with catia, never mindrestrictive.

Only positive helpI can offer is that now Rand has crossed over to Catia training and sales, perhaps they would be able to advise? 00800 726 32436/ 0115 921 0000 from UK.



New member
There are software products that can export text as a dxf file. You could then import the dxf's into Catia 5 if possible.

I think you can also create the text in a Catia drawing and export as dxf and copy and paste the lines & arcs into sketch.


New member
hi paul,

you can solve your problem by using proe wildfire you can emboss as well as you can rotate it with the help of warp option in proe & simply import it in V5


New member
first create the required text in the drafting work
bench.save the file as .dxf.then open the same file in drafting work
bench.copy the text and then enter the part modeling work bench.paste
the text in the part modelling.then use the pad option.

note the text created in the drafting work bench should be closed.

if u still didnt get it please mail me to the macd messenger.


New member
That is a way around it however a big oversight in catia

What I am now trying to do is import an abstract logo the and I would like to generate geometry to pocket into a part .............

If someone could help me figure that out please let me know!!!