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Elliptical Cone in 2001


New member
I'm looking to see if anyone has been able to create an elliptical cone in sheetmetal and have the model unfold. Let me know more info is needed. Thanks
It can be done with a form feature. First you will have to create a model that represents the tool used to punch. Then start a sheetmetal part, create a WALL and then create a FORM. You will be prompted to select a reference model, use the 1st model.
In reply to ProFishent, if you use a form feature then you cannot use the unbend feature.

What I am trying to create is an elliptical tank with one size ellipse on one end and a larger ellipse on the other end.

The ellipse designs are created by 4 arcs.
You can select an edge as reference geometry for the unbend.

Do this early in the design, setup>fixed geom.

It is possible to make a part in sheetmetal that you can't unbend, I hate to admit it but I have done it.

The form feature you have to do an unbend form which doesn't give you developed length.

If you find you have to, you can cheat by putting in a small flat surface and use that as the fixed geometry in a pinch, hide it in the drawing by deleting the dimensions for it.