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Electronic components parts


New member
Hello everibody,

This is my first post.....

I m looking for some 3d electronic components parts , in order to import files from ORCAD LAYOUT.

Could someone help me ???

Links are also welcome.....

Thanks from Panda.....

That's a VERY TALL order. I work in the electronics business and as far as I know there are no 3D parts libraries for Pro/E or for any other 3D solid modeler. There are simply too many different manufacturers and part numbers to make it a feasible effort. Also, the business moves so quickly, you would be obsoleting parts almost as quickly as you create them.

I don't know about ORCAD, but PADS sells an IDF translator that will prepare data from PADS for import into Pro/E. It requires, however, component heights at maximum material condition (MMC). When the height data is prepared, allowances must also be made for the thickness of solder mask, conformal coating, etc. It only handles parts that have (or can be approximated with) uniform cross sections in the Z direction, like DIP, SIPs, SMT resistors, SMT caps, and so on.

Parts with non-uniform cross-sections (or parts that cannot be approximated that way) in the Z direction need to be modeled from scratch. If your designs were to use many such parts, one part could be modeled for each family and then made as the generic instance of a family table. One prime example is the toroidal RF choke.

Pro/E has an IDF import utility, just like it has one for IGES files, STEP files, and so on. If the data is prepared properly in PADS (or ORCAD, or whatever), then Pro/E can import circuit card assemblies without having to worry about generating Pro/E models for most of the parts.