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Educatinoal to Commercial Test WF2


New member

Hi everybody,

I'm going to be graduating in the next few months and need to start thinking about a job and one of the things I'm looking at doing is putting together a portfolio.

All my parts are created either in the EDUCATIONAL or STUDENT version of ProE but the college has the EDU_COM convert floating module. now I've never tested it because I have no access to a commercial licence and I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to download this test part and see if they can open it in the COMMERCIAL version of WF2?

it's an isdx part, not sure if that matters?

I didn't bother attaching anydrawings,I'm sure if a part opens, so will a drawing?

be sure to resume all the suppressed features.


Edited by: james.lynch


interesting always has there been debate as to if such a module exists.

seems it does :)

ur parts works fine