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EDS TeamCenter


New member
Anyone out there using TeamCenter from EDS? It is the IPEM manager... We purchased this and are starting the integration and am looking for other users who would be interested in sharing their experiences...


Michael Allman


St. Louis MO


New member
Michael, I use UG/Manager which is an earlier version of Team Center. Can I help?

Steve Calvert
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New member
We havebeen usingTeamcenter Engineering since iMAN v4.0. We have just received the ProE integration. I work right next door to you at bioMerieux. Would like to set up a time so we can talk if that would be possible.


New member
TheProE Integration is actually working pretty good. It is not as automatic as Ug w/TcEng but still works good. The check out is a manual task but check in can be set up to be automatic. The ProE parameters and TcEng attributes can be mapped bi-directionally which enables you to enter your data from either application and then be passed to the other app. The custom ProE parts list can be set up toread any TcEng attributes like release status, revision, unit of measure, etc... Setting it up can be a little cumbersome but like any installation and configuration it gets easier with time, trails, and errors. Hope this helps


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