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edit references / reroute


New member
I'm getting more and more sick of WF2.

A have an assembly of an electronic consumerproduct in which the partshave a lot of references to a so called "shape part". That shape part is just a part which has the overall outer geometry in surfaces, and is not defined as a skeleton part nor has it published geometry or that sort. Just because we lack that license.

Changing the shape part should regenerate all the referred parts. But sometimes it is needed to reroute some features in the parts. In 2001 it was possible to reroute parts in assembly and point to surfaces/curves/planes in the assembly or the shape part. Wildfire 2 won't let me. The edit references option is grayed out. When chosing edit defintion, the part opens, andin that windowI cannot point to external surfaces in the assembly. I can create new features in the parts that refer to external geometry, butI cannot edit the references once created.
In 2001, rerouting was possible.

Boy what a improvement that WF2. Do I miss something here? Some exotic license? A config option? Does it has to do with the fact te parts are created in 2001?



i use these kind of functions and i have not come up with such problems

be sure to regenerate twice while you make changes in assembly mode in order to regenerate the part features

i think that's why proe doesn't let you reroute the features which have assembly references