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dynamic time analysis ??????? functions


New member
hey guys ....

i have a dyn time analysis in which i have two load sets .. , one of which has a gravity load for the acceleration (ramp load ).... and in the other i have a point load for which i have a load function defined ( uniform load )... the function i have defined iis :

if(time <10,x,y) where for x i have tried in the analysis with two values ....

1) the actual value of the load in newtons ... but in this case am getting 8000mm as deflection which obviously is wrong

2) then i tried giving the fraction or the percentage of the load that is acting , 1 instead of x .. again wrong results .. this time very low value of deflection ...

can some one plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what value i should use instead of x.. is it the actual value of load or the percentage of force acting at any time , cuz i have already defined the loads

in the structure for static and modal analysis

hope i have been articulate enuf ,




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