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dwg import


Hello, proe users

I want to make a protrusion by inserting data (*.dwg) from other drawings. It it possible to reduce the time that proe needs to solve the section ??

Can someone insert a *.dwg file without need to be solved by the Sketcher ?

As I know other by other CAD softwares someone can use the Copy, Paste option and inserts a section without having to be solved.

For the history

You could simplify the DWG section - take away any rounds, chamfers, patterned lines, etc - then you are left with a simpler outline.

Import this into the sketcher - it will solve quicker. Then add the rounds & patterns as other features.

I've tried this before with complex extrusion profiles - it works a lot better if you simplify the initial sketch & add features in separately - it also regenerates a lot faster.



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