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Duplicate large ASM drawings?


New member

Is there some convenient way to "Copy As" assembly drawings to new article numbers?

I have designed a large machine that contains some 1500 parts, and created a nice large multipage drawing with views and notes and whatnot. Call it A.idw based on A.iam.

Now my boss asked me to make four different versions of the same, all with new identities. B.idw based on B.iam, C.idw based on C.iam and D.idw based on D.iam - where A.iam, B.iam, C.iam and D.iam are all identical. Still, they want to build four machines and give each its own identity. The parts that make up the machines do not need to be relabeled though, only the master assemblies.

In ProE this can be done in seconds if a certain Option is enabled, copying an assembly with a drawing automatically also copies the drawing and updates its reference to the newly created assembly.

But unless there is no such option in Inventor, it looks as if I will have to manually recreate the large and complex drawings three more times?

Thankful for advice.
The easiest way to do this is with "Copy Design" in
If you are not using Vault, you can use Windows Explorer
to copy the assembly model and drawing files. Then open
the new drawing file (which is still pointed to the
original assembly). On the Manage Tab find the Modify
panel and select Replace Model Reference. This will list
the parts/assemblies that are referenced in the drawing.
Select the reference and browse to the new file you want
the drawing to reference. Since the assembly is a copy
of the original, all views and annotations should update
Hope this helps,
Search for 'Replace Model Reference' in the help file for
more info.
Hello tmonty and thank you very much for that, it worked!

I also figured out I could use the Design Assistant for this, but your way was more intuitive.

Thanks again!



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