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Dual Processors


New member
Is anyone using dual processors.

Does this increase performance?

I've noticed Wildfire crashing a lot when I have other applications open and was wondering if this could help.
Yes I use one dual Processors. with Win2000 Profesional.

For me is quite stabile. is one good choice if you have delicate jobs with o lot of calculations. Pro/Mech or Pro/NC.

if your expectations are to make something faster with dual processor, ... sorry! is not one big digerence. Only more stability.
Hi mgnt8:

An important thing to remember with Pro/E (up to and including ver. 2001) is that it doesn
I am using two right now *see attached jpeg.

The only advantage I find is that when my machine is tapped I can still surf the net and create images, check my mail etc.

The image shows both processors but the second one is hardly touched.

If you only use pro dont waste your money on dual cpus, spend it on more ram or a better video card.



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