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Dual monitor w/FX500 problems


New member
I am running a Nvidia FX500 with a 19 flat panel and a 17 flat panel. When in assembly mode I can only insert one component. If I try to insert a second component Pro/E Wildfire shuts down. I was wondering if anyone running a similar set up could let me know what diver version your using.


New member drivers

Are the only driver that i have found that I can get proe to run correctly with.

I have serveral different ones but these are gold for me.



I saw a graphics card comparison test and the most dramatic difference between the FX500 and the FX1000/2000 was the ability to support 2 monitors. The FX500 really sucked at that.


New member
I don't know if it is the same or not, but I had similar problems with my Quadro4 900XGL (only one monitor). In openGL, the second component caused Pro to crash (this also happened in resolve mode if more than two problems arose during regeneration....the second problem/window caused Pro to crash).

I could run in Win32_gdi OR turn off the seperate assembly window and it would work, but there are obvious issues with each of those solutions. I fixed it by disabling the Mocrosoft SMS mirror driver under device manager--->display adapters. PTC worked on this problem for 5 months. I finally figured it out myself.