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Dual Displays?


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Any one have any luck running two tubes? I am liking the idea of having one for the pro/E window, and the other for vendors web sites (since I don't deal with vendors that don't put part specs on the net)... I do not have a killer system, but it's good.

I have had one person tell me it's a don't do... any other experiences?

I had two 21 monitors hooked up to a vp990 pro and it was a nuisance. The iges and step functions did not work properly (no one from 3dlabs could figure out why). I didnt find it worth the effort.

Its just as easy to alt tab to switch apps if thats the only reason you want to try it.

It isn't the only reason I want to try it... I have an extra tube and a dual display card, so they are just wanting to be together... and I want to be the only cool person in the office with dual display! :)

thanks for your input.
If you have all the parts then hook it up and let us know. I have a 24 Sony running at 1920 x 1200. This works great for Pro/E, lots of room for the menu manager and model tree. Also works for 2 page view in MS Word. I don't think dual monitor setup would be any better.
Thats the reason I tried it. We had a few monitors and a seemingly capable card.

The thing that bit me was that after I switched back my video card wouldnt revert to single monitor mode and key parts of the pro e interface would still display on the non existent monitor. It took us forever to figure that one out.

There are only two people in my office so it really wasnt worth the effort to look cool. My partner has an apple cinema display so I cant compete :(

I'm running two monitors off a Matrox 400 card. Couldn't live any other way :+) I've had better luck not using the extended desktop feature. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is but set it up so that the task bar is only on the primary display rather than across both displays. Much better compatibility. Your dual monitor card should have software that will allow you to Maximize a program so that it fills just one monitor or the other or fills both screens.

Tastes great, less filling!


i'm running 2 lcds with quadro xgl 900. both running pro. only one thing to say. it's kicking a@#$S.
I tried and tried this several ways.

First I had the FX1000 driving a Viewsonic VX2000 & VX700. Normal applications were great. ProE worked fine until a complicated part was loaded. Then things just chunked out. Then I installed a MX200 PCI (I believe) tp drive the VX700. No improvement. I had suggestions to look into Windows (XP Pro) and turn off the 3D capabilities for the second card. No luck. The fetures were either on or off for both cards at the same time.

Other things I noticed. With two cards, the Bios and boot-up screens went to the pci card and not the AGP one.

With both cards installed and the small monitor off the system worked just fine (except for the missing Bios and start-up).

Lately I pulled the second card out and all is well. I believe that it is a Windows problem and maybe some year it will be corrected. I would love to use a 2 or 4 multi-display like Viewsonic offers.
I use a Quadro 580 XGl with 2 19 monitors. The nView software must be active and the settings work best when it is set to Extend my dsktop onto the second monitor and nView is on Dual view, not spanning. It makes EVERYTHING better, especially Pro. Put IE on the second mon and hit the Knowledge base or videos of how to and keep Pro running on the first mon with dialog boxes forced to appear on the second mon. Productivity X 2 !!
to Dual Monitors. I've had them for 6 years now and wont give them up unless i'm getting new ones. Perhaps a pair of LED 24s. Now if only these LCD would just die.

One thing I've noticed in some of the set-ups here is that it is better to have two of the same monitors. Sometimes issues come up when your messing with different size monitors as well as different makes.
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Yeh.. 8 years I am having my second monitor switched off, because I dont know how I can have the main ProE window using the full (1st) monitor, and having the dialog boxes popup on the second monitor. Does anyone know how to do this using WF5, without having to wait another 8 years?
dross said:
DashingDingo1 said:
How did you do to "dialog boxes forced to appear on the second mon" ?

Wow, you expect an answer after 8 years??

With my NVIDIA card there is are options like:
<LI>Prevent windows from opening off screen</LI>
<LI>Open windows on (Pick list of options) -Default Display, Start button display, next display, and last display or specific display</LI>[/list]

Diolog box positioning options include
<LI>No repositioning</LI>
<LI>move to application display</LI>
<LI>move to cusor display</LI>
<LI>or specific display</LI>[/list]
I have had worked with Dell computers with dual monitors on Nvidia Quadro and ATI Fire cards for years now and I have never had any issue. I have used Dell flatpanels, viewsonic and some other brands of monitors that I can't remember right now. My reccomendation would be to have two identical monitors if possible, or at least have them at the same screen resolution. Once you get used to two monitors, it's hard to go back to just one.


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