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dtm planes on the fly


New member
Has anybody tried to create a dtm plane on the fly? like for example to create a rotational pattern? I can't even do the intro to Pro/E 2001 rotational pattern exercise, won't let me make the datum throught the axis and at an angle with a plane at the same time.


New member
In general, it is easier to select the references first to create datums. Select the axis first. Holding down the control key, select the measurement plane. The control key activates multi-select. If you don't hold it down, the axis won't remain selected. Now hit the datum plane icon.

If you select the datum plane icon first, then just select your two references, axis first, while holding down the control key.


don't panic

first... when you want to make a rotational pattern first you select the plane (as a sketching plane) and then when the system enters you in the alignment menu then select Right or Left then Make Datum > Through axis > angle (pick the plane you want)> enter value , and the systems enters you in sketcher mode ... select the plane you have just create and the outer surface of your model (for example the culindrical outer edge).. make the cut and then try to pattern this feature..

try to help the system understand what you wanna do...

Second... as i know wildfire works in different way..

as the upper method isn't very efficient (as many people think).. you haven't got the possibility to make datums on the fly ...

As you defining the first feature of the rotational pattern you make a plane , with the common methods, and the system encloses this datum to the feature you create..



New member
Thanks Xcad !!

I'm having difficulties in creating rotational patterns in 2000i2 for ages. Your tip did the trick for me!

Thanks a million!!

Kind regards



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