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DTL file


New member
i am having my own DTL file but it is not activiating when i open my drawing sheet. i have used this two options also

1. Drawing_setup_file.

2. Pro_dtl_setup_dir. i had showed the full path for the dtl.

what might be the reason, from satish kumar E-mail id: [email protected]

drawing_setup_file will set the file used for new drawings.

For existing drawings, you have to manually replace the dtl:

Advanced > Draw Setup > Open > find your .dtl

This will update the current drawing.

when i open my dtl file thru advanced>drawing setup>open i can find my dtl file there with my different settings. but it is not activated permanentley.
When modifying your .dtl file from the drawing menu, click the Save As button and overwrite your existing .dtl file to save it permanently. Otherwise you are only affecting your current drawing.


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