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drw to dxf format


New member
hello all,

i still do the drawing refining at AutoCAD (dxf). still there are suppliers who uses dxf formats.

my problem is how to set up the drawing that when imported to dxf maintains the view and the dimension scale. usually, my outcome is 1:25....scale but i want it to be 1:1.

thanks and best regards



New member
I'm not totally certain of what you are trying to do, but...

If you are 'exporting' a Pro/e drawing to a AutoCAD friendly dxf file then your drawing will be exported to whatever scale your drawing geometry is at in Pro/e detail mode. check your scale before export. The geom will come in at your pro/e scale in your DXF. If your scale is at 1:25 in pro/e it will be just that in your DXF. Set Pro/e to 1:1 then export (if you can fit it)

You have to play around with the config options to get what you need when it comes to dimensions though.

hope this helps!


Try this option:

dxf_out_drawing_scale yes

This will output the drawing scale with the DXF...


New member
I am also having problems when opening dxf files created by proe. When opened in other applications the dimenions are missing or have moved and the same problem also occurs with the drawing lines of the part? The other applications we use are Corel, AutoCad & Catia.