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drawing won"t regenerate


New member
For some clients i still use Proe2001

I made some modify in part BUT is Never update in Drawing

Any ideeas

Try open the drawing

I supose is config.pro but something not onto surface

I don t use Intralink

from years i didn t found something similar


BTW if add a new View the modifycation are on



New member

Itry to modify your dimension from your model & i changed 155 to 160, the dimension also changed in the drawing as you can see in the figure. maybe draw_models_read_only in your config was set to yes, if so change it to no...hope it will help.

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New member
I told is Proe2001

is not running in wildfire neither because a have installed two

Maybe is something strange in my config pro

For others drawings is working


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New member
Have you tried to update sheet? It's also possible that config.pro option "auto_regen_views no" is set. With that option, drawing won't automatically update any views.