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drawing without unwanted tangent edges


New member
double click on the drawing view and change the display to remove the tangent lines.

You can set up a template or .dtl for a more permanant option.


New member
i knew bout this option.

ok what about a drawing of this (pic attached) kind of part

if i remove tangent lines it will be a blank top view and if i keep it will show 2 lines (see picture below)


What you want are called imaginary lines, every beginning draftsman can make them but no, Pro/E does not make them. I have put in multiple enhancement requests to no avail. You have to draw them yourself if you really need them.


New member
it was just an example. same way there are lot of places where you don't need the 2 lines showing rounds, sometimesthese unwanted lines make the drawing very confusing, and finally you have to remove them with the help of 'edge display'