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Drawing views look wrong using simplified reps


New member
I have a problem with drawing that I am using simplified reps with. When I bring up a drawing that I have created using a simplified rep the vies are all out of place but when I open the full model the drawing views are fixed without doing anything. Anyone know whats going on????
Need a little clarification here...

You say you created the drawing using a simplified rep. Does that mean you applied the simplified rep to each view by using Views > Modify View > View State?

BTW, do the simplified reps exclude any of the exterior components?

Off the top of my head, it sounds like the View Origin is shifting when you're changing between the master and a custom rep. By default, it's the intersection of the diagonals of your view border. You might want to go into the drawing and select Views > Modify View > View Origin and specify an edge, vertex, or datum point as the origin of your view. That way the view will be in the same location all the time (if that indeed is the problem).
I started the drawing using the simplified rep which was created in the model. The reps do exclude some components that would show on the exterior (hardware) but all the major components are present. When I first pull up the drawing the parts that are excluded in the simplified rep show up on the view, after the model is opened they go back to the rep view. These are large assemblies (oer 500 components).
Try defining a View State and Start Point for the views and see if the problem still occurs.

Also, to save yourself on retrieval time and RAM burden, you can use Advanced > Drawing Rep. I like to think of Drawing Reps as a Simplified Rep of the drawing itself.