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Drawing view property box missing


New member
Been on ProE for way too long. :) Have been on Creo 2.0 for a bit, but not sure if I missed some changes on an update.

When in the drawing I go to select the drawing view and want to open up the properties box. Where you can go in and change the display state, change it to a cross section view, etc. Before I could double click on the view and the property box would pop up, or I could select the view, right click and scroll down to properties and the box would open up. I get nothing now. And when I right click the option is gone. I have a screenshot showing what I'm seeing.

Is there a change I missed? Or a config file I can change?

Drawing view error.jpg
Check which tab you have active. for example if you are in annotation you only have right click option pertaining to it. I am at home now with out Creo so I do not know 100 % but I thnk it is the first tab is the one that needs to be active. Pro-e / Creo the gift that keeps on giving. WF5.0 had the best drawing functions after that tabs similar to other apps were added .:(
Also make sure the view is picked, the outline of the view should be highlighted with a box, I had a similar issue the other day with a view that was very large due to imported features, I never had the view picked until I zoomed out to pick the view boundary.
Sorry for not replying. I went back in and was able to double click and get the properties box. No idea how I fixed the issue.

Interesting thing is, my coworker ran into this issue just recently. He read that it may be tat we are on window 10, since it seems Windows 10 and CREO 2.0 don't work well together at times.

He tried to update to M250 of CREA 2.0. That did not work. But he sent the file to me and I wasn't able to open the properties box either. I'm wondering if it's specific to a drawing. Will look into it a bit more and reply back.
Probably in wrong ribbon tab like canoemike said in his first post. This ribbon interface is the worst thing for CAD since the drafting board. Endless extra clicks and frustration.
"Endless extra clicks and frustration"

Be aware---carpel tunnel is real and can potentially end your CAD career. Good ergonomics and a Gym membership should be considered.
"Endless extra clicks and frustration"

Be aware---carpel tunnel is real and can potentially end your CAD career. Good ergonomics and a Gym membership should be considered.

I had to go to an Evoluent vertical mouse to save my wrist. My career is going to be over in 2 years the Lord willing and the creek don't rise (or my blood pressure!).
I have also been using the Evoluent vertical mouse for the last 6 years or so, I like for the most part. My advise to anyone, due to learning the hard way, -- is to not overlook good ergonomics and diversity with-in there workday.

Blood pressure now that's a whole new topic.

Good luck with your two year plan.
Well, we finally got our IT involved. And it wasn't too painful to have them help out. (note some sarcasm there)

Turns out we had a loading issue with our parametric.psf file. I had to overwrite the .psf file with a new one and then everything worked out. Go figure it was a ProE booting issue.
Glad to hear you now have it fixed.

Pro-E the gift that keeps on giving :confused::confused:.

Or as Dr Gallup stated -- PTC quality philosophy: We've upped our quality standards. Up yours.

Hang on for the ride !!!


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