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Drawing size change


New member
Is there any way to change a drawing size? We use D size drawings and every now and then I have to email a drawing to another office and have to make a B size PDF drawing for them. Is there an easy way to do this?


If all you want to do is shrink your D size onto an 11 X 17 paper size then do the following:

1. Refit your drawing on the screen

2. Print using Generic Postscript with the to file option

3. Go to the Configure menu

4. Set the page size to B and set the model plot to based on zoom

5. Hit OK twice to create .plt file

6. Rename file extension to .ps and use Acrobat Distiller to convert to .pdf

This will produce a .pdf file that is the D size drawing scaled to the B size paper.

Good luck!

i didnt understand jrchrist

can u describe

]do u want to say that it can be done in proe environment itself

Basically you plot to a file in postscript format, then you resize it with Acrobat Distiller and make a pdf file. It works great, thanks for the tip, James.



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