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Drawing setup options


New member
Can anyone tell me the setup option for assigning a text sytle or font to the cross section text? Or better yet, does anyone know of a list of the variables and there descriptions? Greg
There is no option to single out cross-sectional text automatically. You can right-click on the text in the drawing and modify the text style.
You set up some style in your template to have them define for each new drawing and then like RedTide has said select the new style.
Hi, Greg,

You can tryout the drawing option, def_view_text_height. Here you can set up a larger text height than the other text around, and also, def_view_text_thickness. here you can make the text look thicker than other text around.

All the best.

Our dtl is setup as write2bush suggest. With the added thickness (def_view_text_thickness) we use .040. The text does not look as nice as "filled" but it does cut down on the time needed to finish drawings



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